About Balloon Photography Dance Ambassadors

Would you like to be promoted online?

Do you want opportunities to perform dance poses and choreography ON-Camera?


Do you want photoshoots throughout the year?

Do You Want Opportunities to collaborate with brands and promote them?

Would you like to be a highly-valued "go-to" dance model for dancewear?

This could be for you!

Ambassadors love the service and photography we provide and actively promote Balloon Photography throughout the year to their colleagues, family and friends. By collaborating with Balloon Photography, you get to showcase your talent and skills as you perform and improve throughout the year, build your portfolio with fun, beautiful, creative and professional photos (and now video) and build relationships!

What do we require of an ambassador?

Ambassadors are chosen through a very selective process. If you are a dance ambassador, we require that you are an active dancer of a dance company, that you are in good standing, and that you extend your time, skills and talent to allow us to promote you through photos and video and be available as a dance model for creative photoshoots throughout the year as requested. We require that you promote Balloon Photography and the other dancers in the group, because when we promote and each other, we all win!

Note: If you are under 18, you must have written parent/guardian approval


How long will I be an ambassador?

We ask that you be an ambassador for one year from acceptance into the ambassadorship

Can I shoot with other photographers too, even though I'm an ambassador for you?

Absolutely! Shooting with different photographers encourages freedom and creativity, which is what art is about! However, with that being said, as an ambassador, we request that you higher prioritize posting and promoting shoots from Brian Balloon Photography in your IG feed and social media.

Do I need to post images?

We require that you follow @brianballoondance and post final images and video, without editing them or adding filters, from your photoshoots, within a month, on your Instagram (and other social media if applicable).

What is the cost of the ambassador program?

The cost for the ambassadorship is $400 per person and covers your in-studio session, outdoor sessions, photography and videography, group outings, our camera equipment usage and maintenance, business taxes, dance wear apparel purchase, investment in our brand to create more opportunities like this, and time involved in photo editing and marketing of you on social media throughout your year as an ambassador.

Whereas one two-hour photoshoot would normally cost you $200, you are paying $400 for at least one in-studio session, outdoor sessions, group outings, apparel, photo/video editing and marketing for the year. You will likely be given the option to also do other creative photoshoots throughout the year without additional cost. This is a great investment in your portfolio as a dancer! Plus, you can get discounts for people you refer who book with Balloon Photography!

Can I Recruit OtherS?

Absolutely! We hope you will recruit other dancers to apply to become ambassadors or book sessions too! There are discounts for you for booked referrals!

Do I Need to Be Flexible Like in a lot of your dance pictures?

No. Dancers are known for many aspects, including dedication, technique, physique, lines, expressiveness, in addition to flexibility. While flexibility is helpful, dancers can be chosen because they excel in many of the other aspects. Your social media profile, among other factors above, will be used in the evaluation process.

Is there an age limit? Is there a type of dance you're looking for?

Dancers ages 10 and higher are encouraged to apply, though some exceptions may be made for exceptional maturity and skill level. Balloon Photography is searching for primarily ballet, street and acro dancers.


That's okay! Just let me know within a week after the application due date, and you will be removed as an ambassador and receive a full refund. After the first week, however, as a general rule, no refunds will be given, particularly if your photoshoots have begun.

If this sounds like something you'd love, please fill out the form below for consideration!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at 916-548-9230 or email bballoonphotography@gmail.com.

Note: This application is open until Oct 15th, 2021 and is for consideration only; It does not enroll you in the ambassador program. If you are chosen, an email will be sent for you to accept, and payment options will be presented.

Thank you!

Did someone refer you to apply to become an ambassador? If so, enter their name or referral code here. Note: This will be verified with them.