About Balloon Photography Dance Ambassadors

Would you like to be promoted online?

Do you want opportunities to perform and practice being in the spotlight?

Do you want free or sometimes paid photoshoots throughout the year?

Opportunities to collaborate with brands and promote them?

Would you like to be a highly-valued "go-to" dance model for promotions such as dancewear?

This could be for you!

Ambassadors love the service and photography we provide and actively promote Balloon Photography throughout the year to their colleagues, family and friends. By collaborating with Balloon Photography, you get to showcase your talent and skills as you perform and improve throughout the year, build your portfolio with fun, beautiful, creative and professional photos (and now video) and build relationships!

What do we require of an ambassador?

Ambassadors are chosen through a selective process. If you are a dance ambassador, we require that you are an active dancer of a ballet company, preferably pre-professional or professional, that you are in good standing, and that you extend your time, skills and talent to allow us to promote you through photos and video and be available as a dance model for creative photoshoots throughout the year as requested. We require that you promote Balloon Photography, because when we promote each other, we both win!

Note: If you are under 18, you must have written parent/guardian approval. If a dance ambassador, we also recommend approval from your dance studio.

If this sounds like it may be a great fit for you, please fill out the form below for consideration!