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Photos are Expression and an Investment

They can express important characteristics of who you are at a point in time. They can capture priceless memories. They can document your hard work. They get you noticed for auditions and jobs. You can hang them on your wall for years with pride. With your input, I strive to capture what is important to you in a photo session. I continuously study lighting, composition, posing and technique to help bring the best out of you. I am able to use different styles in post-production to help accentuate your style or artistic vision, or keep it plain and unaltered as needed. This is my investment in you, so that you end up with pleasing photos. These are my gifts to you as your photographer. So let's have fun and create photographic memories together!

We offer two different individual photography packages

THe Studio Package

The studio package is most used for audition photos or video, creative setups where specific lighting and props are needed, or to avoid inclement weather outside and control the environment. Most audition photoshoots are done in a studio. So first, we'll want to gather from you what the requirements are for your photoshoot. Once we know that, we will start looking into attire choices and booking the right studio for your needs!

From then, at the studio, we will setup and take as many photos or video as necessary to fulfill the requirements of the photoshoot. All photos of usable quality displaying your best technique, presentation and ability will be shown to you to choose for editing and purchase.

This package consists of the following:

  • A flat $250 (non-refundable) retainer fee will be required at booking. This is used to reserve your time slot of up to 2 hours of studio time, equipment and any props for your shoot. If more studio time is required, an additional cost for that extra rental time will be added on.
  • $25/hr photographer onsite photography/videographer fee
  • Your choice or combination of basic and/or creative photo edits at "a la carte" pricing for social media and print (non-commercial) use


This package is for outdoor or on-location photoshoots in

  • $100 flat (non-refundable) retainer fee at booking, used to reserve your time slot, equipment and any props.
  • $25/hr photographer onsite photography/videographer fee
  • Your choice or combination of basic and/or creative photo edits at "a la carte" pricing for social media and print (non-commercial) use


A combination of a studio and on-location shoot will require the $250 retainer fee.

From then, we will take as many photos as we need during the allotted time to fulfill your requirements. All photos of usable quality displaying your best technique and ability will be shown as proofs to you to choose for final editing, retouching and purchase.

All final photos and video purchased by client will be edited. Unedited and RAW images will not be given for use, unless negotiated and agreed to in writing otherwise. All photos and video are copyright the photographer unless an alternative written contract has been agreed to otherwise.

A La CartE Options:

  • Videography: $50/hr for video editing
  • On-location stand and backdrop setup, use and removal: $50
  • Customized print packages can be made available through my Online Store
  • $25/basic edited photo for licensed social media and print (non-commercial) use
  • $75/creative photo edit (usually requiring significant background changes, additional visual effects and composites with retouching) for licensed social media and print (non-commercial) use

Need photos and/or video for commercial use? Please contact me to discuss this option!

Company and Organizational Photoshoots

Small Group/Company and High Volume Photoshoots

Volume shoots services are available, such as for companies or organizations needing entire employee or student portraits. Contact us to inquire.

NEW - Become an Ambassador - Ambassadors love the service and photography provided and actively promote Balloon Photography throughout the year to their colleagues, family and friends. They promote us regularly on their social media platforms and, in turn, receive coupons and significant discounts on future photoshoots. Some photoshoots may even be free! Please contact me for more information if you are interested in this new program!

Note: If you are normally someone who is paid for shoots and already has a professional portfolio of shots, such as a professional model or actor, or are pursuing a business collaboration, I may offer exceptions to my normal pricing. If you feel you fit this criteria, please call to discuss.

Media Shoot Types

Dance Photo/Video

- In-Studio, on-location or high-volume Sessions

Starting at $150

Portrait Photo/Video

In-Studio, on-location or high volume Sessions

Starting at $150

Other or Negotiated Pricing

If you are a:
-Commercial client
-Volume shoot client
-Balloon Photography Ambassador
-Requesting a photoshoot for another type of photography genre

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