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Individual Photoshoots

Full-Session Photoshoots

Full-session photoshoots start at $250 per 3-hr shoot for individuals, couples or families within DFW. Full-sessions are best for multi-location photoshoots, three or more wardrobe changes and small events.

-- Price includes up to 20 complimentary full-sized edited and retouched high-resolution digitals

-- Low resolution version of all useful photos will be provided for review purposes.

Half-Session Photoshoots

Half-session photoshoots start at $150 for a 1-hr shoot for individuals or couples within DFW. Half-sessions are best for portraits or headshots in one location with two or fewer wardrobe changes.

-- Price includes up to 10 complimentary full-sized edited and retouched high-resolution digitals

-- Low resolution version of all useful photos will be provided for review purposes.

Company and Organizational Photoshoots

High-volume photoshoots

High-volume photoshoots start from $750 and typically include a minimum of 50 digital high-resolution retouched images for organizations or companies within DFW.

This type of photoshoot is best for photographing large groups of people individually in a business, organization, or school (for example, if there are 25 people to be individually photographed, each with a wardrobe change allotted, and each person is to receive two final images). On-location setup or studio shoots are possible with this type of photoshoot. If you have another setup you would like to have accommodated or have questions about cost for a certain number of people, don't hesitate to contact me!

-- Price includes at least 50 full-sized edited and retouched high-resolution digitals. The price range is dependent on the logistics involved in setting up and coordinating the shoot and the amount of preparation necessary to prepare the photos for proper presentation.

-- Low resolution version of all useful photos can be provided for review purposes.


Additional full-sized high-resolution digitals are $20 each for all photoshoot types.

Studio rental (we can discuss this - price will vary depending on studio)

Each additional hour past the session time is $50/hr

Makeup Artist (prices vary)

Purchasing of extra equipment or props for the photoshoot (prices vary)

Prints (prices vary, see Store for examples)

NEW - Become an Ambassador - Ambassadors love the service and photography we provide and actively promote Balloon Photography throughout the year to their colleagues, family and friends. They promote us regularly on their social media platforms and, in turn, receive coupons and significant discounts on future photoshoots. Some photoshoots may even be free! Please contact me for more information if you are interested in this new program.

Note: Individuals or companies must have paid normal price for Balloon Photography services at least once to be eligible to become an ambassador.

Note: If you are normally someone who is paid for shoots and already has a professional portfolio of shots, such as a professional model or actor, or are pursuing a business collaboration, I may offer exceptions to my normal pricing. If you feel you fit this criteria, please call to discuss this option.

Photoshoot Examples

Outdoor & On-Location

Full, Half or High-Volume Session. If indoors, contact me to determine lighting needs.

Starting at $150


Full, Half or High Volume Session + studio and props

Starts at $150 + Studio Costs


Please contact me for any photography requests outside of DFW.


Negotiated Pricing

If you are a:
-Commercial client
-Professional model/actor with professional portfolio
-Balloon Photography Ambassador

Please contact me to discuss pricing or discounts.


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